Simple Moments

A simple post about simple pleasures. Simplicity mixed with low expectations yields the greatest joy. "What would you like to do today?" He asked. Without hesitation I replied, "Let's go to Camden!"

camden-12We packed a picnic and then we jumped in the car to start our drive. It felt good, the sun was shining brightly which cast so much warmth on us. As hokey as this may sound, I sang along to Christmas carols that were playing on the radio and I found myself smiling.  This moment felt happy. Happiness has felt so fleeting lately. Life has been upside down, uncertain and a bit scary. Yet here I was, experiencing real joy, in such a simple moment. It felt natural. I felt light.


Our first stop was at a quaint coffee shop that overlooks the harbor. camden-11

"Two hot chocolate's with extra whipped cream, please!" camden-10camden-9camden-8camden-7It was a day of roaming the streets with no agenda. We window shopped, browsed, chatted endlessly, looked over all the holiday decorations, reminisced, laughed, wandered aimlessly. Just taking it all in. The only shopping took place in a candy store that caught a certain someone's attention. One of us has a terrible sweet tooth which makes our dentist very happy.

camden-5This day, this moment, this is what the good life is all about.  Savoring where we are in life. Not looking ahead or behind. Just being present.camden-13camden-6camdencamden-4On our drive home we stopped and walked along the jagged breakwater. The sun was beginning to lower itself, casting such a beautiful glow. Holding this sacred space felt golden. A chill in the air descended, signifying the closing of this simple, but very special day. camden-17These are the moments that will live on.camden-19