Through the Broken Pane

Everyday I drive past this old abandoned cabin. I am so intrigued by buildings that have been left behind. I am aways wondering about the lives and stories that once filled those walls. Today as we were driving I decided I wanted to stop and photograph this long forgotten relic.abandoned-6 I walked towards the gaping holes and I peered inside. It's in very rough shape as I see it slowly twisting its way back into the earth.abandoned-9

I was about to turn and walk away, but suddenly I started noticing little points of interest. Like this jug smudged in dirt with beautiful light streaming in from behind. Perfectly intact, just sitting there.abandoned

And those tin cans that were strewn along the warped shelf.abandoned-8

A rusty soap dish held by peeling wallpaper.abandoned-4

I snapped a few more photos then we jumped back in the truck and we were on our way. I didn't think that much of the photos, I almost felt dismissive about them. Hours later I began thumbing thru the pictures and suddenly my eyes fell upon something magical. I just love when that happens. Somehow my camera captures moments and nuances that my eyes simply don't pick up on. I kept staring at this one photo of the broken window pane. I became transfixed on the door that was peering through the broken glass. Then I began to wonder, what's behind that door? It was not so much a literal, but rather a figurative question.abandoned-10

It reminded me of the beauty that comes from brokenness. It is often thru that hole, the broken space, that a new portal emerges before us and opens up in our lives. What's behind this new door and where will it lead? I have come to understand that time is the great revealer of all those wonderings and secrets. I do know one thing for sure, nothing in life has ever happened the way I have expected. So I would imagine that through that door new adventures and new life await me.

It's true the saying, "When one door closes another door always reopens for us." It seems as though new beginnings are full of brokenness and bravery.

Here I go. I'm reaching for the handle to have a look inside.abandoned-2abandoned-7