A Season of Change

It's been a long time since I poured my heart onto these pages. It's not about neglect, but rather a desperate need for quiet. I feel like writing again, opening back up the portals of expression. It feels good to be back. "A Season of Change," with that being said, let me welcome you to my lifestyle makeover that is taking place in Maine. Yes, Maine. To catch you up to speed, in the past year I retired from my life in the airline world, got married, sold and gave away almost all my worldly possessions and moved across the country in order for us to follow our dreams. Those dreams that I speak of begin in Maine at a magical place called Green Lake. Oh, and don't worry if you are reading this and scratching your head with the question, "Why Maine? I can't believe you guys left Chicago and are in Maine." We have people say that to us ALL. THE. TIME!! That's OK, I completely understand how puzzling it may seem to everyone, but it doesn't to us.

But let me start off by saying this, following dreams involves a lot of hard work and determination. We arrived here three weeks ago, war torn from our move, exhausted, yet so happy to finally be starting. It's a good thing we had such a strong resolve to be here because immediately we were struck with obstacle after obstacle. It reminded me of a conversation I had with my brother, Ron. We were talking about "Struggle and Emerge," that is what life is made of.  There is the struggle, we wrestle with it for a time, fight with it, sit silently with it, expand our hearts until we quietly surrender and then finally emerge into a whole new space. It resonated with me, the struggle and fear of beginning again and I take comfort that I will once again emerge.

I've been going for long walks, drives, hikes and peaceful sits by the water so my heart could once again find it's footing. I would bring my camera with me and this is the footage I gathered during my times of deep wanderings. Nature has always had a way of recalibrating my heart. I call it my sanctuary. As I walk the forested paths, sit beside the crashing waves or look out onto the reflective waters; I feel completely welcome and accepted.

May your hearts be filled with peace as we all find a way to emerge from the struggle.