spring2One heart beat... two heart beats... three. That was the measure of time that it took the soft petals to hit the ground. Slowly wafting with wings, like butterflies floating in the air.  So much wonder held within this simple grace, this calming moment, this small space in time. spring4There comes a point when the bud can no longer remain closed. It will not be held back.  It risks everything as it opens itself to be seen.  Everything hidden, one day revealed. spring5Exquisite beauty is often found in the most unexpected corridors of life.  Moments that I would have never chosen for myself.  Is is destiny? Was it written in the stars? How did I stumble upon this holy alter? It seems that my story has been forever set before me. Because even through missteps and foibles  I always find my way to this place, this portal where the ointment of grace is generously poured. As I stand here I begin to understand that every paint stroke placed upon my canvas was masterful and precise. The dark shadows and deep shading allows the brightest light to be seen. In letting go, I became found. Just as the blossoms descend from the trees, it in no way marks the end, for in its place the strong leaves emerge and growth returns. One heartbeat...two heartbeats...three.spring