Listen (please click on the icon to view a short video clip I made) I found solace in this simple video. Perhaps it's because of the emotion I was feeling while filming it. I remember that it had been one of those "heavy lifting" days.  You know those days that demand all our attention and strength in order to free the burden. Our hearts were in need of some space, so we knew a trip to "the sanctuary" was in order.  Our sanctuary is found along the winding paths of a  forest preserve that is only a few miles from our house. It feels holier then any church has ever felt to me, the sacred paths carrying the imprints of a thousand souls.

Last evening as the sun began to soften and hang low, we came to the pond that we have walked past a hundred times before. Only this time, instead of walking past it, we sat and stared out at the mirrored reflection in reverence.  A hushed silence answering our human questions.

You may be wondering what it was I was listening for? Did I find answers for all I was seeking? Yes, I did. Not perhaps in so many words, but I felt a palpable peace in those glassy waters. I saw answers released from the thick silt that now floated to the surface.  The earths heart beat heard through tiny flapping  wings. The dormancy of winter breaking the ice dam of muted lips. The stark contrast of our constant state of flux. Entering and exiting. Beginnings and endings. What started as a blank canvas is now filled with a beautiful story. The interpretation of a heart that spills onto this emerging scene scape.

I think I'll sit for awhile longer to see what else I can hear.sunset1