Outside My Window

Outside my windowI've spent hours upon hours staring out these windows. This safe haven acted like a cocoon during the painful experience of my divorce. It's hard to believe that so many years have now passed. I had bought a small townhouse in a quaint suburb of Chicago and it was here that I began to chisel out a new life for myself. The back of my house overlooked a large field heavily lined with trees. I would watch the birds, listen for the coyotes and prayed the rabbits would stop eating my flowers. It was untamed and beautiful.  I would sit by these windows, day after day, just looking out at the trees and beyond into my future. The weeks grew into months, that grew into years and slowly I began noticing miracles taking place. I felt my heart opening up again and a whole new life emerged out of a tiny seed of hope. I am forever grateful for those tall trees that stood beside me. They seemed to not only hold me up, but they lifted me to high places. After I married Mike, I knew we had to put my townhouse up for sale and this past week we sold it. It has now become an oasis for another single woman. This photo is the final moments inside my home. I felt it needed documenting. The photo serves as a reminder to me of how I grew in the wilderness of pain and emerged into love. It's important to never forget where we come from and how far we have traveled.

I have been rather quiet lately. Perhaps it's conserving energy during the valley of change. I'm allowing myself to do whatever my heart needs. If I need to be quiet, I am allowing the reverence of stillness. If I need to write and document everything, then I will let the words flow and pray the articulation comes.  I'm walking the good path.