The Yellow Brick Road

canola The yellow brick road was to lead Dorothy to Emerald City. What a magical concept, just stay on the path and you will reach the promised land. So to speak. But if we are always awaiting the promised land won't we miss the beauty along the journey? Quite often the very things that have brought me the most joy and contentment are the small things in life, the every day moments that unexpectedly turn into something more. A smile, a small gesture, a breathtaking sunrise or a simple act of kindness. I am reminded of a conversation I had many years ago with a professional ice hockey player. He had a very long and successful career in the NHL. It's been over twenty years since this conversation took place, but his words left a lasting impression. He began recounting the surprising emotions he felt after playing in the Stanley Cup finals.  He was at the pinnacle of his career, living his dream come true, a very successful man in every sense of the word, yet he was confronted with deep feelings of emptiness. I remember him saying, "I had everything a man could ever want, I accomplished all the goals I set out to do, yet it all felt rather empty inside."  All these many years later I understand clearly the message he was conveying that day. We often think that attaining certain goals or accomplishing great feats will bring us undeniable happiness.  Only to find out that once we reach those milestones we are often left wanting for something more, it all seems to fall short. The emotions of happiness become rather murky when held to the light of accomplishments. Enjoying the human experience from a simpler stage, a less complicated venue is what our hearts truly desire.

GoldPerhaps the golden fields along the "yellow brick road" are the best part of the journey. Tender moments perfectly held with no expectations. I breathe deeply, inhaling the goodness in this place without striving for what is next. I stand still, I believe I have traveled far enough today, this is exactly where I'm suppose to be.  I think I'll sit for awhile and allow the saffron glow to calm my soul.canola3

This past month the  canola fields were in full bloom on the farm. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be home during this beautiful event so I commissioned my niece Casey to photograph some of the fields so I could share them here. The pictures turned out beautifully. Pure sunshine!

Casey also included this fun picture for me. She knew it would make me laugh.  Let me introduce you to Patches, a stray that stumbled into our farmyard and quickly found his way onto the throne of my parents home. He went from rags to riches, a true Cinderella story.  Oh how we love Patches.  He doesn't have a care in the world.  His whole day consists of eating and sleeping and sometimes he even allows us to scratch his back. When I watch him I realize how I overcomplicate, overanalyze, dramatize, and even awfulize so many of the details of my life. Patches just slinks along knowing that everything will be taken care of. I am once again reminded that it's all about letting go and enjoying the journey.patches

All photos were taken by Casey Bechard. Thank you so much my sweet Casey!