The art of savoring

  To savor something is to enjoy it to the fullest.savor8

A slow pace descended as the long shadows of the setting sun filled the foreground. A blessed thrum fills the air in this gentle sun kissed scene. I will replay this moment on a continual loop and wrap it with the silk that lines my treasure trove. During the hectic pace of life I will unwrap this silken memory and sink my fingers into its ointment so I can fill the deep crevasses of my longing.



There’s just something about Paris. The heady views, the demure style, exquisite food, red liptstick, cafe au lait and the pace at which the city flows… so let’s talk about the pace for a moment.

I often get caught up in the whirlwind of my fast pitch life. Rushing here and there, quick shallow breaths, tapping into so many different sets of circumstances. My emotions sounding like a grinding stick shift unable to find its gear.  In short, it can be exhausting.  I am in a constant state of teetering my balance to remain plugged in so I will be functional, but also knowing when it’s time to unplug and recharge.

SavorThis past week while in Paris, I walked through the Luxembourg Gardens near sunset. This is one of those special moments that will lay imbedded in my soul. The gardens were breathtaking, but what captured my attention the most was the Parisians doing what they do best, savoring the moment. They slowly strolled arm in arm, young lovers locked in each others gaze, people reading poetry, others sitting in complete silence as they pointed their faces towards the sun. Not one person was on their cell phones with heads buried into social media. Instead, there was this organic connection into the earths calm. The bouquet before us was full bodied and every note acknowledged. The symphony of pleasure strumming it’s magical chords upon the audience. The breeze was flowing over our senses and we were simply swept away.savor6savor7

savor5It causes me to breathe a little deeper, linger a little longer, embrace all that is before me. Thank you Paris for reminding me to slow down and open my palette to all that is before me.export13export12