Hyde Park...at dawn

hydeMy eyes open to a clock that reveals this impossible hour.  I should be asleep but my mind keeps pouring over the invitation, “Meet me in Hyde Park…at dawn.”  I could easily make excuses for another absence.  Lord knows I have done it before. But I can't miss this chance to sway in the arms of my souls respite.  I need to lock eyes with calm and embrace the chords of quiet.  I gather myself and prepare for our rendezvous.  We are to meet by the first light of day, under the morning sky, beside the light storer's room.  Do you know this place? You'll recognize it when you see it.  It's the place where the entire days magic is squeezed into the early morning rise. It plays as a slow meditation, a soft synchronizing to my hearts rhythm.  I must still my breath in order to hear your message. hyde2 There is a beautiful presence holding me in the arms of this quiet space.

hyde4I walked unfamiliar paths without ever being lost. I emerged to this glorious view, swimming with swans, I couldn't imagine anything more perfect.  I wonder how it feels to swim alongside these peaceful creatures. I stood mesmerized for several moments. Drawn by the sense of harmony. Neither one posing a threat to the other, there was no struggle, no fear.  I noticed a elderly woman sitting alone on a park bench watching this same graceful display.  Her thick heavy sweater out of place on this light warm day. She sat with her thin legs crossed, while her frail arms rested by her sides.  Her watery eyes lost deep in thought.  I wonder what she is thinking, what dreams she is replaying, what love is she reliving? She stood, wiped her eyes and quietly strolled away. hyde9The last thing I saw as I left Hyde Park were these beautiful purple flowers. I couldn’t help but notice the flowers no longer contained by the steel bars that had once held them back. Their beauty now spilling forth. It reminded me that our gifts will always find their way. Even through closed doors a path will be made.


Thank you for meeting me at dawn, you know how much I needed this.

London, England