IslandAdrift in giant waters.  I feel so small. The endless waves lapping over me as they pull me to their drowning ledge. In these reflective pools, the enormity of the universe is held. With the turning of the tide, my silence, released.  It would seem that the ocean has a way of spilling forth our secrets. Everything hidden, now revealed. waves

I am an island, you are my shore. I reach for your strong hands that hold the scars of a hundred stories. My refuge, the mooring that anchors the drift that seeps from my soul. I climbed the bell tower, the highest spot to release my souls cry. Effortlessly above the clouds, your light reached me. For your beacon is all I see. I raise my sail to the winds that will carry me to your endless skies. Under your shadow, I will abide.


What is it about water? The magic elixir that awakens the soul. It would seem that it has allowed my heart to begin dreaming again.  The wide awake, make me weak in the knees, kind of dreaming. Where everything becomes possible. Life interrupted, is hand stitched together. The gap, filled.

Recently Mike and I headed out on a boat tour for a chance to see whales & puffins in their natural habitat. We were 30 miles from shore when we came across a pod of 8 humpback whales in the midst of feeding. What a rush to be standing along the boat rails, mere meters from these majestic creatures. Photos can not do justice to the enormity of this experience. It was truly a sight to behold.

whale whale2

The ocean teaches me so much about perspective and the powerlessness of life. I felt like a droplet, a speck, a grain of sand caught in the scale of the universe. Inwardly the total sum of my emotions exploding as outwardly the enormity so undeniable yet infinitely impossible to articulate. As with most things, we are best left to cherish the experience rather then diminish it with mortal words. Finding the balance of who I am with the reality of who we are, in the expanse of all that is. The ocean…