Dreams...we all have them

“Why are you looking out the window,  you need to pay attention and quit your day dreaming!” This was the daily dagger hurled at me from my first grade teacher. Apparently day dreaming was frivolous in her world, but for me, it was the number one ingredient to my magical playground.



Dreams…We all have them. Dreaming in the night, daydreaming while awake, dreaming of a future, even broken dreams play an integral part in the makeup of who we are. I tried to remember what  I was daydreaming about all those many years ago. Those memories are long forgotten, but they still played a roll in getting me to where I am today. Everything that has happened in my life has served a purpose and most of it has come about most unexpectedly.  So where do dreams go when they become abandoned or irretrievably lost? It would seem that those fractured pieces line the footpath to our futures as each piece seamlessly fits together like one big giant jigsaw puzzle.  The pieces slowly revealing our own story to us.


There really aren’t any mistakes, just infinite possibilities. I’m reminded of a conversation that I had with a artist friend a few years back. My friend is a painter and she was trying out a new product in one of her art pieces. Initially she called the product a colossal failure, she went so far as to say the product ruined the piece she was working on. She felt frustrated, but she never gave up. In order to salvage her work she began to play around with this new medium. Shortly she noticed that this “mistake” played a pivotal part in changing the way she created art as it opened up avenues for her signature style to emerge. She called it her "happy mistake." She went on to say, “Often when we make a mistake it turns out to be one of the greatest gifts that could happen to us, it seems as though it breathes new life into our work.” Perhaps we should embrace the brokenness instead of trying to cover it up and endlessly apologizing for it. The phrase “broken open” comes to mind. Allowing the portals of our raw darkness a place to transition into the light.


I'll share an excerpt of a conversation my brother and I had the other night. He is always so full of encouragement and wisdom. We were talking about dreams and following our passions and how wonderful and scary it is. This was his exact words to me, "It's that passion inside all of us that keeps us going and gives us a reason. I know it can be scary when you step out and follow that passion...but do it Lynne, go for it! I am so proud of you!" Then he went on to say, "The word for the day is 'Go For It'!" With that heaping helping of encouragement how can I not keep reaching. So what if I make mistakes along the way, it might just open a whole new world of possibilities for me.

Super Moon