Peggy's Cove Welcome to Peggy's Cove. I find myself captivated by the haunting beauty of this small fishing village. It feels ancient as though preserved from a bygone era. For those of you not familiar, Peggy's Cove is about a 45 minute drive south of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I visited Peggy's Cove about 10 years ago and I have wanted to go back ever since. I envisioned returning during the winter season as I knew the snow would add extra layers of texture to this spectacular backdrop. As you will see by the pictures, the snow did not disappoint, it made everything even more beautiful.

I have included more photos then I normally would in a blog post. I just had to. Because honestly, it was an impossible task getting it down to this many. Every place we went, everywhere my eyes fell, I was completely captivated by the depth of character that so easily held me spellbound. It's a place that makes me feel deeper, look farther and pause longer. From a creative point of view, it quite simply makes my heart sing.

novascotia-7 novascotia-21novascotia-17novascotia-11novascotia-32novascotia-41novascotia-4novascotia-24novascotia-30novascotia-6novascotia-28novascotia-33novascotia-22novascotia-29novascotia-14novascotia-32novascotia-3novascotia-8I was especially intrigued by the boat called, "Freedom 55."   The exposed frame seemed skeletal in nature. The boat that holds a thousand stories deep within it's bones.novascotia-2novascotia-45novascotia-17novascotia-34novascotia-35novascotia-9novascotia-7novascotia-11novascotia-9novascotia-10novascotia-39I'm already planning on a return trip this summer.