The Stairway to Dreams

stairsThese stairs represent a promise of more to come, of dreams and new beginnings becoming a reality. Currently the stairs look open ended, a sort of stairway to heaven kind of feel, but to me they represent so much more. They lead to our second floor living space that will soon be framed and enclosed. I am beginning to envision myself in my new home and I'll be able to move out of my tiny little camper. This thought puts a big smile on my face.stairs This past month has had me thinking about the cycles we go through in life, the beginning, the middle part and the endings which always lead to another new beginning. These cycles never pause, they forever keep moving forward. Jake, Mike’s youngest son and Riley, my nephew, both recently graduated from High School. As I attended their graduation ceremonies I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic and inspired by the excitement I saw in those young eyes full of fearless ambition. I remember being 18 and having the same sense of wonder with the wide open road before me. But over the years something happened, instead of expanding, I contracted. I suppose it is a normal part of maturing, the caution that follows some of the harsh life experiences we all go through. An unfortunate part of the maturing process. But youthful ambition is so fearless and in these days I find it rather refreshing. I do realize that in the bigger picture of life that youthful exuberance needs to be tempered by mature caution, but every once in awhile it feels good to witness such wild abandon. Emerging instead of surrendering and running forward without pause.

Here's our graduates, Jake and Riley.



These summer days feel youthful, hopeful and full of newness. Very representative of my own life right now. So many new things have been happening for me and I think it was very timely to watch so much fearlessness in our youth. I feel inspired by watching their steps forward. A reminder to expand as the fears melt away.