Making Memories

hummingbirdI just finished reading through something I wrote exactly one month ago. ~I am laying in bed not wanting to get out. The minute my feet hit the floor everything will change. It’s the third dismantling of a house I will have had to do this year. My body knows the familiar drain of this all too well. I want to stave it off a little longer and sink deeper into the warm sheets. Just another hour. But I know that this luxurious hour will cost me an even later night of work. So I will dip my toes onto the cold floor, like diving into frigid water, and I will press on.~hummingbird-4

This month has brought a lot of change into our lives, it’s been one of the biggest adjustments I have had to make since our move to Maine last fall. We had been temporarily living in a rental house for the past 7 months and we have now transitioned from that to living in our camper while we build our house. Some people call it trendy to live in a “tiny home.” I, on the other hand, found the initial adjustment to be quite a challenge. I went from living in a 2,000 sq ft home down to a 200 sq ft camper. But I have noticed that it has stretched me both emotionally and mentally in the best of ways.hummingbird

So here we are after 30 days and we are finally settling in and getting used to our new norm. As my heart has begun to open to my new way of life, I am feeling less claustrophobic. Interesting to see that irony play out. Somehow the act of physical constriction released my heart to open into higher places. I have begun to experience new levels of gratitude. A warm shower suddenly takes on new meaning, modern conveniences are pure luxury and my beloved Hudson Bay blanket (a gift from my sister) has been a true godsend. The little things I used to take for granted are so meaningful to me now.hummingbird

One of my neighbors stopped by to introduce himself to us. He is such a kind man who said something to me that I have been carrying inside my heart ever since. He asked how everything was going during our time of transition. I was lamenting to him about it all. He looked at me and smiled and said, “You are building memories right now, you will look back over this time and you will see that this is some of your most cherished moments together.”hummingbird

I made this video with that thought in mind. It’s a series of short clips filmed last Saturday. I like the idea of encapsulating our moments into video time capsules. Here's what some of our memories look like.

  • The photos of the flowers are wild "Lady Slippers" that are growing on our property, they are a protected flower in Maine.