The Blossoms

blossomWe arrived home after spending a glorious week out in Oregon with Mike's family. I didn't realize how thirsty my eyes had been to see greenery and blossoms. I simply could't get enough of it. I've dedicated this post to the fresh blossoms of spring that bring with them so much hope and to the Oregon coastline with it's amazing views. Soon springtime will follow us back to Maine, but for now we are immersed in what the locals refer to as "mud season." I won't be posting any pictures of that because it is exactly as you are imagining, it's muddy and full of potholes. But hope is on the horizon. The lake is now completely free of ice and for the first time this morning I noticed some ducks have returned to the open water. Next up the peep frogs will be singing their songs and life will keep opening up and up. Spring is in the air. oregon coast-18oregon coastoregon coast-17oregon coast-16oregon coast-14oregon coast-10oregon coast-5oregon coast-4blossom-13blossom-17blossom-22blossom-21blossom-18blossom-12blossom-9blossom-2