The Holidaze

xmasThe Holidays, when all is to be Merry and Bright. xmas-6Our first Christmas in Maine. It didn't look exactly as I had expected it to be.  But then again, does anything ever turn our the way we think it will? I thought I would be posting about the progress of our new home, along with photos of our new shiny lives. Funny how life has a way of making other plans for us. As we keep hearing everyone say, "everything happens for a reason." I'm not exactly sure why yet, but I am learning to let go and be at peace with it all.

Our new house has been put on indefinite hold, along with so many other things that I thought would be happening for our lives. At moments it has all felt rather heart breaking and embarrassing. But recently, my Dad wrote a letter of encouragement to me. His words were so wise, so soothing. Somehow he helped to turn my heart around and for me to begin looking at things from a different perspective. I'd like to share his words here as I think others will find solace in his wisdom.

He wrote:

I just want to say to you and Mike, keep your heads up high. You have so much going for you, first you have each other. Second, very successful people experience setbacks and sometimes many set backs and then things come together. Their secret is they keep moving forward and they don't look back at the negative situation. So what I'm trying to say to you, everything is going to be ok . In time you will look back and say it's a good thing it didn't work out back then. God has a way of directing our path towards a better situation, better timing etc. But for now, just enjoy being together. Look at nature and realize they haven't a care in the world and God provides for them. How much more He will open the doors for you at the right time . Your Mom and I love you and Mike so much and I pray that you can realize your dreams in good time. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Love Dad

With encouragement like that, how can I feel anything but peace in knowing that we are exactly where we need to be in life. I am finding that true acceptance has been key in order to move forward. The struggles and obstacles from my heart get removed as I begin to learn and grow in the most unexpected ways. I am learning to trust life even when I feel so vulnerable. I recently read words from a very wise woman about this very thing. She said, "It is in these moments, these situations when we are feeling our most vulnerable, that real healing and growth can occur in us. It's the crux of where true life begins."

One thing that has always helped me process things is to spend a lot of time out in nature. We've been going for lots of long hikes that last for hours. Our hikes are often filled with long periods of silence as we walk side by side in a meditative state of being.  I notice that we are both quietly absorbing the beautiful calm that can only be found along these sacred corridors. I will share with you some of the scenery from our Christmas Day hike in Acadia. The weather was unseasonably warm as the sun shone brightly upon us. And yes, life is Merry and Bright.Acadia-8Acadia-9 Acadia-2 Acadia-6Acadia-11Acadia-10