OK...Let's try this again!

rough road After only a mere week and three posts in, my blog crashed and died. Poof. The end.

I am trying to make my way through the bumpy drop off’s of technology. You see, technology and I share in a highly charged love/hate relationship with one another. I adore being surrounded by all my electronic gadgets, but the minute they give me problems, I abhor them! We share good days and some not so good days, but lately we’ve hit a rough patch and now we are barely on speaking terms with one another.

rockyI was just beginning to find my groove and the momentum was building when imagine my dismay of signing onto my blog and seeing that it had gone up in flames. My techie guru (God bless Aaron) is still at a loss of how this could have possibly happened, “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he proclaimed. I, on the other hand, am so used to the starts and stops of life that it almost seemed par for the course. Oh, and “Who needs backup files!!” so unless the technology gods can resuscitate my blog back to it’s former glory, my old blog posts will be lost forever. Yes, I agree with you, everybody knows you always need to backup your files. Duh. I know, I am rolling my eyes at myself too.

gate BozemanOne thing I know for sure is that for all the bumpy roads, detours and failed dreams we face in this life we always seem to find our way back to the green meadows of calm. As I sit here writing, my chair feels softer then it has before, my pulse rate has slowed and my soul is feeling so free. The reminder to once again relax and let life unfold like dewy petals greeting the morning sun.  I don’t have to make everything happen, I only need to show up everyday and what is suppose to open will open and what is to stay closed will remain hidden. The lovely calm transcends as I learn to let go and stop hanging on so tightly to every little detail.rabbit

As I've said so many times before, "Let me start all over again."

~The last two photos are from a hike I went on yesterday in Bozeman, Montana.