A Season of Change

unitedThe New Year has brought about so much change. After many years as a flight attendant, I retired last week. Change...even when it's welcome, it's not easy.  I had known for a long time that I needed to leave my career "In the Friendly Skies," but when the day finally approached I was completely taken off guard by these deep emotions that were waiting for me. I have run the full gamut of feelings.  From elation to foreboding, relief to sadness, welcoming gains yet suffering loss. Perhaps this is just what change feels like. After all, can anybody really warn you about such things? Or perhaps I was warned but I wasn't really listening. Humans by nature don't like change. I read some words this past week that best describe my situation. To paraphrase, "Change does not take time, it's instant. It's getting ready for the change to take place is what takes so long." Nothing lasts forever,  I will one day find solace in this discomfort.owl As has been the case so often lately, it's the middle of the night and I've once again lost my battle to find sleep.  The constant tossing and turning, reshuffling, tossing, turning, shuffling... I finally stopped, got out of bed and stumbled down the stairs to my living room. The clock reads 1:45am. I am currently curled under a warm blanket. Outside my window I can hear two owls calling out to each other on this cold black night. One owl is close by me and the other I can hear out in the distance. On and on the two continually call out to one another.  Their sounds ring out as a chant, tapping out my morse code longings to the heavens.  A distressed ship to shore  signals my hearts cry, "Please show me the way, light the path Dear Lord and keep my feet from falling." I quiet my breathing to listen for the reply from my safe harbour.  I hear it,  the beautiful echo that puts my longings and questions at ease.  I am once again reassured that I am exactly where I need to be, I am on the good path and the light will be there to guide me through the thickest night. I am in exactly the right spot.

Oh my sweet owls as you sit perched outside my window. I thank you. On and on they continue to call back and forth without ceasing. Just as it is for my soul that calls into the distance. I am reminded that there will always be a reply.