I See Clearly

thefog8Can you see me? Do you know me? Will you continue to hold the torch that lights my path? Under this dense canopy, the oppression of the thicket, my eyes begin to open. How is it possible to see so clearly thru this opaque veil? The beacon has led me to exacting coordinates. These are my waters, I am here.  Some believe in hope, faith, destiny...I haven't a label to stamp this level of belonging. This is where my knowing beats on top of and in between the rhythm of my cry, my melody, my hearts anthem.

thefog9I wish I had tangible evidence, fruit to bare witness to all that I've longed for. Mostly we go through life trusting the direction others have told us to go. We follow maps, adhere to guidelines, relying whole heartedly on the experience of those that have gone before us. There comes a time when the cornerstone of our truth is held to the absence of terra firma. It becomes ultimate trust.

Seeing when there is nothing but a knowing. The deep marrow of my bones wrote the story of this glorious awakening. I have always known that one day my eyes will pierce the horizon of infinite possibility. The line out to this mirage is where I stand. I am exactly where I am suppose to be. thefogthefog5