surrender6I surrender to the winds that blow, the waters that crash, the sun that beats and the storms as they rage. Surrendering relieves the burden of my reach as it softens the hard corners of my will. SurrenderMy emotions don’t always follow the participation, but a willing heart serves as a sign of my deep faith.

Will my open hands be left empty or will they be filled? Will the cup cascade over the brim of my souls cry? Will my thirst be met by quench? The chain belonging to the 1,000 pound weight has found it’s grasp on me. I believe there is a way out from this, there always is, freedom is encrypted into every story. When the currents and riptides pull us down we are to remain calm and swim parallel to the shoreline to find release from it’s grasp. Remaining calm in the midst of the storm. Is it even possible? It would seem that everything we have gone through in the past has prepared us for this very moment. Remaining at peace when the world is at war. The days can seem long during the blistering heat, yet the rains always come. Even the entombed glacier, held by a millennia will one day break free and float out to the sea. Nothing is forever, everything changes, it always does. Even the mundane of my routine will one day be interrupted, the stuck feelings will be unhinged and open wide. So yes, I will lift my hands high into the sky and let my cup be filled.

surrender5A prayer with wings, Fly high, high into the sky sweet dreams of mine. Later you will spring forth as tall trees a dense canopy to cover me.

surrender4Surrender, it’s where I open all the important details of my worry and throw it into the breeze, into the sun, up into the stars, out into the rain. I spill it forth, drain it’s vat, loosen it’s grip and release it to fly. surrender3